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House Fire on Louisa St

Aftermath of House Fire

How's this for a visceral reminder of fire safety: I came home last night to find a police cruiser blocking the street and fire trucks partly blocking my driveway. Fortunately, it wasn't my house they were there to see, but it wasn't too far away. The fire was across the street, apparently started on the porch. I couldn't see any of the people that lived there, and the fire crew wouldn't tell me if anyone was home at the time. Sadly, I don't know my neighbours well enough to even know who lives there, but my heart goes out to them.

Update: the story on CTV

Update 2: The story in The Record
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very sad, glad everyone is ok

we live a couple of blocks away saw the smoke,
very sad loss before xmas so glad to hear they are "ok" the humane society still waiting for the dog to come home.
shows how quickly fires can get out of control
best advice be fire safe , have an extinguisher around and stay away from flammable objects.
had the experience of 2 fires in our apt building ( in a building with chronic false alarms:brats pulling the alarm) several yrs ago from the same idiot cause carelessness.patricia ave.
& know of a few ppl that have had fires.
this happened 2 days in a row, so other tenants thought it was a false alarm nope no one seemed to learn the lesson from the day before. i grabbed my coat & my cat out into the cold again.

be fire smart/safe have co detectors/gas if you have natural gas in the home photoelectric & ionizing alarms & extinguishers and know how to use them.( which i have all of these things actually way more than code)

getting an electrical upgrade, put arc faults as well as gfcl in your home more than the code requires.

redoing a home what about residential sprinklers? PPL sprinklers are over 100 yrs old and we are so slow to react to an obvious benefit. not sure if the fire cost was inside but res sprinklers would have slowed or stopped the spread.