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Writer's Block: The winning ticket

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

Easy: The airplane I have my eye on. Interesting that this came up today, as the airplane is currently out of my reach and going further that way with each passing day. More accurately: I'm realizing every day just how out of reach it is. I might also buy a hangar at the airport, if one is available.

No, I wouldn't quit my job. I love what I do, even if it can be quite draining at times. I might buy a house. I'd definitely look to invest more in my company, and would likely use whatever else is left as capital for a future project. That's really what I'm about: making things happen, building stuff.


I was curious about your facebook update relating to your accountant's advice to lease, not buy, an airplane.
What is your thought about that (aside from finding it hard to lease from someone wanting to do private sale)?
I suppose you could lease a nice shiny DA40 from Diamond. Or something like that.

By leasing, I'm talking about a blocktime lease from an aircraft owner. That's the most usual approach in aviation: a private owner looking to lease out extra time on the aircraft. That's part of the reason why it's a good deal. I'm not aware of people leasing aircraft from leasing companies, but I suppose it's possible. I know that it happens with larger aircraft for companies.

The short answer is that I would do the block time right now, but the owner isn't interested. :(
That sounds most similar to horse co-boarding - where the owner has all the financial responsibilities but can get some fees from letting someone else ride for a given amount of time.

I can see that not everyone would be willing to agree to that. I co-board other people's horses but not sure I would let other people co-board a horse I owned.

I guess the owner is holding out for a full sale with the aircraft in pristine condition and low air time. I'm sorry for the disappointment. :(