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Monkeys, the lot of them!

... actually, no. That's not fair to the monkeys of the world.

I just spoke to the GM of Goodlife on Weber St. It took about 13 minutes for her to tell me that she doesn't have a clue. We went over the whole thing with the rules, and cheques and so on. It turns out that I can actually pay for months or even the whole year on credit card. It also turns out that what the Membership Consultant told me about switching to a promo rate later was not true. The GM refused to give me the club rules, and even got them confused with the club's policies and procedures.

Useless. Completely useless, the lot of them.
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I've challenged CC charges, and I'm confident I could do it in the future. At the very worst, I can change my CC number - also something I've had to do in the past.

I have no confidence in fighting pre-authorized debit charges. The banks don't have a strong track record that way.